Leader in 3D sublimation ovens using the latest technology in hardware and software.


With the 3D sublimation oven, you can sublimate many products like phone cases and tablet covers as well as plates. The 3D oven drawer opens automatically, it has a low power usage and is silent thanks to the built-in vacuum pump.

1-year factory warranty

Base plate

8 jig-pins to use


Mug Ovens & Presses

With their 3D mug ovens and TURBO wrapper and mugs presses you can sublimate a variety of shapes and sizes. For that, you can change the heat module, to make the mug fit precisely into the press. This allows you to sublimate different mugs with just one mug press.


With the robust sublimation mug oven and basket you can easily sublimate 20 mugs at a time. If you are looking for higher performance and produce more mugs faster, you can opt for an extra basket. This will allow you to prepare the next batch while the oven is running the first batch.

1-year factory warranty


Blank Products

Technotape International is a wholesaler with unique blank products that you can sublimate with curves easily.